Real-time modular composition for analogue synthesizer (Dave Vosh) and double bass (Daniel Barbiero).

Dave Vosh has been experimenting with electronic and experimental music since the 1970s and evolved an aesthetic oriented towards live performance and interacting with self-generating forms since 2005. His influences derive from the new music and art movements of the 50s/60s/70s including things like aleatorics and process automation.

A native of New Haven, CT, double bassist and composer Daniel Barbiero has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area for several years as a performer, composer and bricoleur.

Fast Forty

Keith Sinzinger designs, builds, bends, repairs and destroys electronic and percussion instruments. A lifelong newsman, he aims to integrate contemporary issues and conflict into his music. Sinzinger, who traces his industrial tendencies to his childhood in Cleveland, has lived and worked in the District of Columbia since 1979. He experiments and records at District of Chaos Studios in the Brookland neighborhood of NE DC. For this performance he will combine home-built electronics, sampled rhetoric, rotating flashlights and other oddities to create an unpredictable mix of modern music. Watch online.

Frank Vanaman

Born in Washington, DC and now residing in the Baltimore area, Frank Vanaman is the sole human member of the Nuclear Insect Trio. His live performances are wholly improvised, and he relies on an appreciation of disparate sources such as popular music and jazz of the 1920s-1930s, the sparse electronic sounds of the 1950s-1960s and the Trautonium playing of Oskar Sala to somehow inform his experimental electro-sonic work. He will also be the first person to admit he has nearly no idea what he's doing.


GHI is Greg Kist and Hal Schmulowitz. Anything synthesizer and an enthusiasm for all forms of electronic music are the glue that binds GHI together. Their debut performance kicked-off the first National Electronics Museum Electronica Fest in 2009, and the duo as has been part of the Baltimore/Washington electronic music scene ever since. Performing on a variety of modular, analog, and digital equipment, GHI presents soundscapes of flowing textures and memorable themes, combining evolving sequences with familiar and unusual instrumentation, effects and sounds. Learn more.

Helium Road

Helium Road is the name of Andy Currie’s electronic music project, currently consisting only of himself. Currie is an electrical engineer who has played bass in rock bands and other projects on and off since he was in high school. In recent years he began to start working with electronic music, first with software synths and later with analog hardware synths. A longtime fan of the Berlin School electronic groups such as Tangerine Dream and Radio Massacre International, as well as progressive and space rock such as Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, and Rush, Helium Road’s music focuses on space, ambience, and atmospheric sounds driven by pulsing and melodic sequences. Learn more.


Formed in early 2015 for an electronic show under the names of Kantoendrato vs alternating.bit, Joe Wall and Rimas Campe (respectively) presented their fusion of electronic ambience and experimental synthesis. They have since recorded two albums in their improvised fashion via electronic tablets, pedals, analog modular systems, drum machines and synthesizers. Listen online.

Spooky Action

Spooky Action is Rick Kowalski’s ongoing modular synthesizer project. Rick has always been entranced by the complex sounds that can emerge from electronic circuitry. His audio explorations range from ever-morphing dronescapes, to polyrhythmic cacophony, to experiments in generative music. Rick’s most recent experiments incorporate vocal sound sources as the trigger mechanism and driving force behind the action. The results are often eerie but equally amusing. Listen online.

Safe Creations

By the age of 20, Ken Moore began playing the drums, and his passion for percussion is evident even in the early 1981 cassette release, "To Come Into Being". Having released many albums on cassette in the last century, Ken has begun uploading music for digital downloads to meet contemporary needs. After trying different mediums, Ken has settled on gongs and tam tams as his preferred sound sources. As a duo with synth sounds, Safe Creations is able to explore more of what Ken likes to call abstract acoustics. Some of these experiments can be found on Soundcloud as anvil creations. Newer releases with tam tams include "Morning Creations" and "XpairAmendT"; these albums, and more, are available for download!

Dave Vosh, born in Washington, DC, has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects involving modular synthesizers and other devices. He performs regularly in DC and Baltimore. He has performed at events such as Sonic Circuits, Electronica Fest, and Electro-Music Festival. He was recently a featured performer in St. Louis at a show sponsored by the HEARding Cats Collective at Floating Labs, where he also displayed his visual electronic manipulations. Check out video and audio online.

Synth Tech Project

Synth Tech Project has had an interest in Electronic Music since the late 1960's when he first listened to the albums of Walter Carlos (Switched On Bach) & Dick Hyman (The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman), Paul Bley & Peacock and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. He is also inspired by groups such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Triumvirat as well as individual keyboardists such as Keith Emerson, George Duke, Bernie Worrell, Gary Wright, Gregg Rolie & Don Preston, all of whom he has had the pleasure to meet & take photos with, as well as inspiration by Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Rick Wakeman, the late Richard Wright, the late Billy Preston, Greg Phillinganes, Billy Beck, Joe Sample, Richard Tee, Don Grolnick, Bob James, Dave Brubeck, Greg Allman, Joe Sample, Donald Fagen, Cornelius Bumpus, Richard Lainhart, Jordan Rudess, Jon Lord, Jan Hammer, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michael McDonald, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Tom Scholz, Tom Coster, Richard Kermode & Larry Dunn. Listen online and check out the official website.

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Solo drone/noise/ambient experiments via analog electronics since 2010. Listen online here and here.

The Winston PSmith Project

Winston Psmith (the "P" is silent) is an American experimental musician, who has spent far too long in the company of machines. He calls himself a "black box" musician, since so much of his sound comes from black boxes with blinking lights. Dr. Profza is an otherwise rational person who has consented to lend his talents to the Project. Other friends and associates join in on occasion as their schedules and commitments allow - involuntary commitment, in some cases. Check them out on Facebook and listen to a recent album.